D R O N E S / RICKOLUS - Split 12"




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released September 8, 2014


All music written and performed by Isaac
Ramsey, Colin Swegmon and Erik Akers.
All words written and performed by PT Burnem and Swordplay.
Artwork made by everyone.
Guitars and voices, for the most part, recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music in Richmond, VA during the first days of June 2014.
Mixed at Big Dog Little Dog Studios by Bryan Walthall during the middle days of July 2014.
Mastered by Benoit Moritz in Amiens, France


Rick Colado - vocals, guitar and percussion
Rebecca Zapen - violin
Anthony Anurca - bassoon
Songs written by Rick Colado
Produced, recorded and mixed by Rick Colado at the Green Shed studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Mastered by Jeff Smothers


all rights reserved



Dora Dorovitch France

Dora Dorovitch is a small capacity creative unit born 2003, France.Hosts a secret research department on non-sustainable music, other impossible projects.
For the ten years of the label we restarted our action with the compilation "connect the machine to the map" in collaboration with Quixote RPM..
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Track Name: D R O N E S - A1 help is on the way
Broadcast the radio warning.
Jets fly patterns in the early morning.
There’s nowhere to hide in town.
It’s all alarms when the siren sounds.
Don’t mind me.
I think I am a plane casting shadows on a sunny Saturday.
I’m not here. And there’s no time to explain.
Tell them not to worry.

Help is on the way. Help is on the way.
There’s nothing you can do.
There’s nothing you can say.
Help is on the way.

One day we’ll all be hooked up to machines.
Everyone producing patterns on a screen.
I’m not sure exactly what it means.
Everybody flying in their dreams.
We’re flying in our dreams.
I can hear the shouts. I can hear the screams.
I’m flying in my dreams.
Drones. Drones. Drones. Drones. Drones.
We are drones. Drones. Drones. Drones. Drones.
Track Name: D R O N E S - A2 x-47 pegasus
When the day breaks it wakes you up and it agitates your eyes
Blinding you with information, and their lies
Leave you thirsty like your mother made you wise
And in the end, we will watch as they make love under the drones.
The cemetery’s waiting there in the unknown
I’m sorry darling it appears we’re on our own.
And after all, they’ll build their cities on our bones.
Bones break down quicker than we’d like to believe, so take your notes now
Make your descriptions, state what you came for, play us your song before you radiate out
We are busy men we have messages to intercept,
Meetings to attend and encrypted data to protect.
Cybernetic butterfly sitting on your cigarette
Drones hacked to bits by little kids up on the internet
Drones hacked to bits by little kids up on the internet
Drones hacked to bits by little kids up on the internet
Graduated from the Nintendo to Sega Genesis
X-Box trained X-47 Pegasus.
Track Name: D R O N E S - A3 i am not a plane
I am not alone
I can feel the wind
I listen to it sing
Underneath my wing,
Shadows cast and scattered nice
I am a creature of the sky
so I never learned to crawl
But I will see it all
Until I lay my head to rest.
Until the day I go to sleep
With poisoned arrows in my teeth
I will crash into the sea
I will drown in gasoline
but I am not a plane.
I am not a plane.
A little out of control…
I am not a plane

I have lost my bearings.
Get me a mechanic.
Please nobody panic.
Take me to the ATM
I’m a friend of logic
Trapped in mathematics
Laughing like a lunatic
I am not an atom bomb
I’m not from around here
But it doesn’t matter
I obey the protocol
I am not a laboratory
I am planting roses in the spring

Polite society has got a smile for every front page
It’s been awhile since I slept in on Sundays
I got this information tucked away in my briefcase
I know my ordinance better than I know my father’s face
I’ve always dreamed about getting paid to play video games
These days I’m living the dream and I’m dreaming about my next pay raise
I dream about a swimming pool, perched between two birch trees
I dream about many things, I’m fascinated by currency

This electrical output kind of reminds me of that clockwork
I got my protocol. No politics. No job search.
And I know we’re a little bit out of control.
We’ll kill anything that moves from our hot air balloons.
We recover moon rock.
We have beautiful tin foil hats.
Track Name: D R O N E S - A4 soCEOpathic
Invasive agents asleep in a hollowed chest
Weapons investors are nervous and upset
Running out of time and thinking about death
And there’s only one good gold wrist watch left
Success has them stressed out of their minds
They’ve been laying in their beds to rest dressed to the nines
Some men spend the summertime in the trenches dreaming of a cigarette break
Information manufactures mistakes.
How many pictures can a satellite take?
Patriotism is a matter of taste
And it’s a good thing that they feel safe
If they feel safe.
Maybe there’s a genius somewhere
Someone with their hand on the remote control
Wide awake and always watching
And there’s nothing in the Universe that they don’t know…

They keep us safe.

This is soCEOpathic, soCEOpathic
soCEOpathic, so soCEOpathic,
soCEOpathic, soCEOpathic
soCEOpathic, so soCEOpathic,
soCEOpathic, soCEOpathic

We’re gonna get away with this one
Everything is going according to plan
And we won’t ever pay our taxes
We’ve got vacuum packed stacks of cash
stitched into the mattress.
Track Name: D R O N E S - A5 coke cans
Coke cans lined up along the fence because the children need to get some target practice in.
They can laugh and pretend that the farm has got a missile defense system.
They’ll line the streets for the funerals of friends and refuse to take their medicine.
They were made into imaginary men, then lost of all their bets.
Waiting for the comets waiting for the earthquakes
Drink til you vomit celebrate your birthday
Lighting up some candles, lighting up some blunt leaves
World’s going to end… No, you’re not that lucky.
Some had to die to hide the fact that the magic has melted away.
The war has lost all of its charm now, another blockbuster made.
Dusty pocket watches in stock in abandoned buildings
Instability in the streets leads to outdated maps
Capital collecting as the banks re-open for business
It’s been a wonderful holiday for the company brass!
Waiting for the comets, waiting for the earthquakes
Drink til you vomit celebrate your birthday
Lighting up some candles, lighting up some blunt leaves
World’s going to end… No you’re not that lucky.
Love breaks down of course
It’s a biodegradable resource.
And the drones have invisible pilots
You can see when you close your eyelids.
Fear is king.
Even here where the angels sing
And there’s no way out for them
Except through clouds in an empty sky
Track Name: RICKOLUS - B1 Rivers And Lakes, Part One
You were stuck in between my eye and the apple it was chewing on
And I'm sorry if I left you to many times wondering what it felt like to feel close
And I pushed on your skin to find holes I could bury my eyes in for a while
And rest in the dark warm bubble we made from our dust
Would you hide me in your dresser now I could dream here forever
Stitch me up with your hair and turn me loose on the ocean
I've never seen anyone die like this before
Up against the hedges on the street with no trace
Don't tell me to leave while you are breathing
Don't tell me to leave while you are breathing
Don't tell me to leave while you are breathing...
Well I love to think about you but you never knew who I thought you were and I'm wrapped up in the milk pouring out of the stereo into your chest
I scratched a long word into your back
And I hope you don't forsake me forever
I didn't mean to let you fall down a bruise your fruit
And I wish that I had saved some cigarettes for you
In dirt driveways I love you
In parking lots I love you
In drunken apartments I love you
And I'll always love you in these places
I watch while you turned hollow and I wanted to fill your space
But whenever I brought you home I could never find my paints
Track Name: RICKOLUS - B2 Rivers And Lakes, Part Two
Would you have time to spend wasting with me on the day that I celebrate birth
I crawled into your eye with a picture of sunken hearts that I found and you can tell I'm around by the smell of chloraseptic and the kiss cough syrup
We laid on the floor the first time you pushed me down and held me in your breath and burnt down my eyelashes while you lit a cigarette
And the moon was all gravy while we painted in your room
Remember when I drank from the sink til I knew who you were
Til I knew who you were

There's a place we can make where you drive with me all of the time
You went to work while I fell through the cracks of the window
I never went to far away on the tapestry I wove
I always ended up on your couch in the morning and singing in huge shower you built me a house in your teeth
Well I could stomach the day if it ended up in you

The baby’s born and the things that we believe in start to change
All the places that we dreamed in rearrange themselves on the window sill
Track Name: RICKOLUS - B3 Rivers And Lakes, Part Three
Deliver me
I would be floating on strings from your lovely
piano now
Black and white wood painted
Strung up with wire and hanging from the marmalade tree

Pencils made votes while the afternoon chokes on the dust from our cellular smiles
We could wake up on any day
Thankful for more then we knew we could get

Would you believe me if your sister loved me
The sounds drove her crazy so we stopped the car parked and got lost in the rain
We were invisible until the rain stopped
And the music moved over and over your body
While I tried to figure out why I was laying on you
Counting clumsy on fingers that didn't figure out who you were til you left

Well I do remember drinking but I don't remember feeling like my face was green and do you held me at the throat
Impossible things happen everyday and I guess it was just my turn

When we moved from the living room into your bed we fell over our innocence and busted our heads open
Think liquid poured out all over the floor and we saw our reflections in it
And we saw our reflections in it

But your hair was a different color
And you had found your lord
I wrote your name on my wrist
And settled for being ignored
Track Name: RICKOLUS - B4 Rivers And Lakes, Part Four
I wonder what we would have done in the backyard if I would have pulled down the dark sky to meet you and cover your lips with reflections of ships in the sky
You may have known
all the time
Deep in my walls
I kept pictures to live by
And I needed you with me
But we never met
Skin to skin

You told me I couldn't touch your face and for some reason I believe you
I never understood why the flowers bled ink on the carpet in the middle of your room
How did you look past the antique eyes and precious obsessions that hung from the ceiling
The vacant expression on you unconscious mouth
Made me forget to remember your voice

And I'm not afraid
To leave you alone
In the attic
Where no one but I will go
And rummage through
Things that I left
Here to breathe
Soft dusty sunlight fills the air
And carefully cares for your February locket
wrapped in tissue paper and coughing in your pocket
All I could think of was you never taking it off
Track Name: RICKOLUS - B5 Rivers And Lakes, Part Five
Set your bells on the table and let me jump off of the roof of your mouth
Your bright dress was empty and all we could do was tell jokes on the floor
But we needed to lose ourselves in the ceiling
You remember much more from the pearly warm spring
That we hung ourselves over the hood of my car and you drained me with your voice all the way home
On the way home

There were lamps in the trees
Where the carefully placed leaves never told anybody our secrets
Do you know that I lived in your closet
With your hours wrapped in old newspaper flowers
And over and over I wanted to float through the hallway to pull the candy out from your chest

The sun shines through your window
And glows across your room while the dust settles we both decide what kind of world we knew
You wrapped your veins around mine while we made a new mess

Before the days that fell from your mouth and out from your womb
We watched the sky as the mountains of clouds passed us by
Now the telephone magic and vintage parades make me wanna stay inside while cardboard hearts cut up on real time
Sharing your tongue could be dangerous
Have you ever felt something endless and cold
I'm floating on your rivers and lakes
I'm floating on your rivers and lakes
I'm floating on your rivers and lakes
I'm floating on
floating on
Well I'm floating on your rivers and lakes
Floating on your rivers and lakes
I'm floating on your rivers and lakes
Floating on
Floating on

So glad you came to meet me on this star
It's bleeding like a martyr and it's always getting better
It's always getting worse but we must ride it out
Or we won't see past our eyes
We won't see the rivers and lakes
We won't see the rivers and lakes
We won't see the rivers and lakes...

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